• Villa Vesuviana
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Villa Vesuviana

Built to gladden the history and culture of lovers that was already described from Plinio il Vecchio in the 23 century A.D.

Below the Vesuvius

Place of sea, sun, history, a stunning place in day time and pleasant in the evening.



The Vesuvius terrible eruption that buried Pompeii the 24th August 79 A.D. has given the opportunity for the next generation to admire and to visit the Town as it was for the old citizen just before the disaster.

Hercolaneum (Ercolano)

A memory place that, as Amedeo Maiuri already said, has to be considered as a town and not like a treasure of art works, a smaller and different town than Pompeii, but not for this less important, with his city planning, civilization and the most important with his human face.


City of Theatre, good food, culture, Naples lives between legends and tradition that precede itself. Is considered one of the best place in the world. The town lives in a unique folklore where a proverb says See Naples and then die.